Chicago Farmer Band

Chicago Farmer Band LtoR, Charlie Harris, Cody Jensen, Cody Diekhoff, and Jaik Willis

Chicago Farmer Band LtoR, Charlie Harris, Cody Jensen, Cody Diekhoff, and Jaik Willis



Chicago Farmer Band 

Imagine Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Arlo Guthrie, John Prine, Todd Snider all in one only with a fresh original young twist on the mood of today’s USA, throw in a full band and you’ve got Chicago Farmer! For the last several years, Cody Diekhoff, who is Chicago Farmer, has been packing all sorts of venues from small intimate listening rooms, to sold out halls, to major festivals all over the country, solo! Chicago Farmer has that gift of clarity and expression, hitting the emotions and consciences of back-roads and small-town America, unveiling the fears and concerns of the inner city and the hopes of all of the above. No matter your individual taste in music, Chicago Farmer connects! Now Chicago Farmer is a band! “It’s Chicago Farmer, only louder!” he says.

The son of a small town farming community, Cody Diekhoff logged plenty of highway and stage time under the name Chicago Farmer before settling in the city in 2003. Profoundly inspired by fellow midwesterner John Prine, Chicago Farmer is a working-class folk musician to his core. His small town roots, tilled with city streets mentality, are turning heads all over the country.

“I love the energy, music, and creativity of Chicago, but at the same time, the roots and hard work of my small town,” he shares. Growing up in Delavan, Illinois, with a population less than 2,000, Diekhoff’s grandparents were farmers, and their values have always provided the baseline of his songs.

He writes music for “the kind of people that come to my shows. Whether in Chicago or Delavan, everyone has a story, and everyone puts in a long day and works hard the same way,” he says. “My generation may have been labeled as slackers, but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t work hard - many people I know put in 50-60 hours a week and 12 hour days. That’s what keeps me playing. I don’t like anyone to be left out; my music is for everyone in big and very small towns.”

He listened to punk rock and grunge as a kid before discovering a friend’s dad playing Hank Williams, and it was a revelation. Prine and Guthrie quickly followed. The name Chicago Farmer was originally for a band, but the utilitarian life of driving alone from bar to bar, city to city - to make a direct connection to his audience and listener, took a deeper hold.

Visionary in lyric, real to the core, Chicago Farmer’s instincts for right and good led him to Jaik Willis, Charlie Harris and Cody Jensen, The Chicago Farmer Band, full circle and complete!

“I love Chicago Farmer’s singing and playing and songs, but it’s the intention behind the whole of his work that moves me to consider him the genuine heir to Arlo Guthrie or Ramblin’ Jack Elliott. He knows the shell game that goes on under folk music… which is sacred to me. Chicago Farmer is my brother; if you like me, you’ll love him.”- Todd Snider

“Previously, frequent comparisons to the works of famed folk troubadour Arlo Guthrie have been spot on. With this impressive step forward in song craft and dimension, Chicago Farmer has moved beyond any previous limitations and associations. Storyteller, humorist and heartfelt proponent of the core values of humanity itself, Chicago Farmer has always had a message of compassion that the world truly needs to hear. Thanks to the added power backing his insight and infectious spirit he is ready to take his message farther than ever before.” - Live For Live Music 

“Chicago Farmer represents the best qualities of Midwestern U.S.A. His lyrics, his stories and his heart are true. He’ll give you that feeling of ‘going home’. He’ll make you want to say all those things you’ve been meaning to say but were too afraid. At the same time his songs can make you ask yourself some deep questions. His songs give you hope. If you didn’t know him I believe just his voice would make you believe every word he says. Definitely one of my favorite singers out there today.” - Pokey LaFarge 

Chicago Farmer- vocals, guitar 

Jaik Willis- vocals, guitar 

Cody Jensen- vocals, drums, keys 

Charlie Harris- bass