The Artful, Animated World of Scott Nelson, Flatland Harmony Experiment's Multi-Faceted Frontman

I first met Scott Nelson in 2012 at the 2nd John Hartford Memorial Festival. He was performing with his fellow band members, Johnny Plott and Kris Potts, aka Flatland Harmony Experiment. I heard them before I saw them. I was blown away with their music, songwriting and those ethereal harmonies. Seven years later, FHE and myself and many, many more, are still a presence at the John Hartford Memorial Festival. This event has an effect like that. Shortly after that 2nd festival, I wrote a review and referred to the fest as the “Most Laid Back Festival in America”. Several music eZines picked that article up and most notably, the Grateful Web. That phrase stuck and it is now our motto. It is true. One leaves the festival with this easy groove that stays with you. It sure stayed with me to the point that I am now a staff member, helping out in several key areas. So is Scott Nelson. While Scott Nelson and FHE has been booked at each fest since that second year, and folks continue to rate them highly, Scott has joined the staff as Band Contest Coordinator, helping design and administer the contest. Scott also manages the Hippie Hill Stage and runs the sound there. 

When I attend a festival, I spend a lot of time observing festy folk, artists and musicians. I love to people watch. Scott was interesting from the start. Scott, born in 1969 in South Milwaukee, WI,  grew up in Wisconsin and currently resides in Noblesville, IN with his lovely wife of 20 years, Lynn and two kids, Kearns (18) Marin (14).

Scott graduated with a double major of Global Marketing and Spanish from Clemson University.

Scott’s work life is divided between FHE, his visual art and working as an instructional assistant and substitute teacher. Scott’s album cover and poster art is in my opinion, far out funky reminiscent of art deco. Scott Nelson is one multi-talented, all around good guy! Scott is currently working on a stop motion video to his award winning song “Joanne Revisited”, which took 3rd place in our 2017 Songwriter’s Challenge. Click here to hear Scott’s song and the top ten songs from that contest.

Watch the video on youtube now!


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